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ID Animated


3 types i use

ReeboooTTTT Aug 12th 2017 and September 23 2017 30 years

- Original

- Reboot!!!!!!

- Comparison

Seasonal Gaurdians have been Summoned

Well Mother Nature will AP them in a bit

AR , UB and Shrinking plus the Return Of Fusion

- The Fun of The Fountain Of Youth

- what i think shrinking really looks like

- AR and UB here
- Fusion becomes permanent tf to Regressed to babyhood reqwests!!!!!!!!

Honorable Mentions for My Reqwesters

:iconadamcrile80: Adam-Ashlee Swimsuit TG

others due to change via reqwest

her first stage reqwest with me

:iconmentalcrash: Ar Pic of Mentalcrash getting Ared By Tinadype's Regressive Crib it really makes you relieve babyhood

:iconnowigreen: GIC Fire Emblem Chracters

:icontfwarlock: Regressed to a baby by drinking from the Fountain Of Youth

:iconshrink-a-dink: Shrinking out of clothes by Age Regression by Tinadype's Daycare

FFxiv End Of an Era - now A Catch up of Trailers


RegressedToBabyhood's Profile Picture
Nightshade Kittentana
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
And Friends!!!!!!!!!
Jump On In!!!!!
Pools Open jump on in the waters fine
Pool Name : Relax and Regress (other effects can happen too)
Caution : might have FoY if reqwested

Daycare Spa Poll Giveaway Round #2 2/10 Rounds plenty of chances (2 week poll) 

3 deviants said :iconmikotowolfskin:
2 deviants said :iconsuperpinkstargirl14:
1 deviant said :iconwolfedge:
1 deviant said :iconadamcrile80:
1 deviant said :iconmajestichentaisenpai:
No deviants said :icontfwarlock:
No deviants said :iconjoenomrc:
No deviants said :iconchaoslady97:
No deviants said :icon27mkwaterfill:
No deviants said :iconshrink-a-dink:

You Look In The Mirror and Notice Your Getting Younger by the minute what do you do? 

4 deviants said Run To Someone that can help or get you ready for babyhood
3 deviants said Watch as you shrink down into you clothes
1 deviant said Try To use the Toilet before you have to resort to using diapers
1 deviant said Ask Some One to Hold you Til you age back to the size of a baby

Journal History

A baby AMFGO of you done by me as a keepsake of being a baby when you AP after spa Treatment

AP Happens if person wants to if not that fine daycare will still take care of ya

Example of baby AMFGO

Baby Nightshade  Playing with Mother Ryuka and by RegressedToBabyhood of course everyone knows who this baby is that's in the daycare as a playmate for exercise room or so

the ocs that Are ARed one can be chose for treatment you can add multiple ocs but one of your ocs gets the treatment

If only one that one gets treatment 

If Multiple one Oc gets treatment but other can have reqwests for the rooms

:iconmentalcrash: this lucky baby just got the full daycare treatment in day care enjoy!!!!!!!!

Tina will find some cute baby clothes for ya just your size

Mental Joins the babies in the polls for a by RegressedToBabyhood

Mainly samurai and Red MAge pics first!!!!!!

yes my hairstyle is changed from the times before xpac

That hairstyle was only Available in an event recently

goes from an adult to baby world now so expect better baby pics in the Future!!!!!!

High Chairs are adjustable in Ages and Sizes can be a sequence now planning to do some now

Also High Chairs are a prop Reqwest fwirst ever !!!!!!!!!

- Your colors 
- Adjusted to desired age 
- You can eat in it 
- I can do mealtime antics with it for ya 

-Note Me if interested!!!!!!


If you look in my journal i am offering father's day reqwests

this time it's male or FTM plus 2nd  person is teen to baby or even newborn just barely born
FFxiv is down all day FYi for EArly Access Tomorrow which is patch 4.0
wow E3 just wow and Summer starts off with.............
and  June 20th!!!!!!
Tips for Aging back and forwards on AMFGO mainly Nose and short or male hair and/or facial hair as well backgrounds don't really matter



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

OCs : done by Ages, Babyfurs, and Pokemon TFs

UB of :iconregressedtobabyhood: : In Bellies Developing new genders or traits and names they will be in a 9 months later collaberation soon so you can see what they turned into due to that potion but the comic will continue up to that

Devolping into boys from Rebirth:

Lucas (FTM)- Kristens belly Calista However is going to change into a boy
Chris (FTM) - Kristina's belly it seems emily is in fact becoming a boy more to come

Developing into girls from rebirth:

Ivy - (Eye color change) Tifanny's belly - Ivy got lucky staying girl eye color is changing though

Developing both From Rebirth:

Kristabelle & Jake (Twins) - Hazel's Belly Kristabelle has been reported she might have split into two Faternal twins possible (Other One is now Confirmed boy and Girl twins)

Babies of :iconregressedtobabyhood: : aging 1 year at a time:

Abby - Tasmainian Devil
Dawn - Otter
Krista - Spike Mouse- Flareon
Samantha - Koala
Jennifer- Bat

by Ar MAgic or devices :

Utinah Kittentana - Dragon, cat
Topher - Cassie Squirrel
Seasonal Babies of :iconregressedtobabyhood:: Season Crystal Will Seperate her seasons form during those season they will be stronger

Autumn Breeze - Bear cub
Winta Chill -
Spring Flowers:
Sunny Summertime :
Kids - Teenagers of :iconregressedtobabyhood::
Xeriscape - Xeroscape - Panda
Shafel - Shufel - Panda
Eclipsydawn - Duskdawn - Wolf
Krissy - Kristin Kittentana - Dragon and or cat
Mommies of :iconregressedtobabyhood:: Status Pregnant
Hazel - Harold - Kangaroo- Vesperon
Kristina - Kristoff Raccoon - Purloin
Tiffany - Jeff - Sloth
Kristen - Jim Hippo

Status baby born and about 1 year old or older:

Krystal -Spencer - Jolteon
Taran-Tarina Zhu - Panda
Hazeldawn - Wolf
Ryuka-Ryu Kittentana - Dragon
All Ages- Main Ocs of :iconregressedtobabyhood: - Controlled By TF Switcher/TG AR Bracelet:
Nightshade - Nightdusk Kittentana - Cat - Meloetta
Kris-Christina - wolf - Wolf type pokemon (updating this one)
Kristy -Tristan Fox- Fox, Dragon, reindeer, cat - Esperon

All Ages TFers of :iconregressedtobabyhood: :
Krystalfuze - Lioness
Krystinastar- Rabbit
Tinadypes - Timdypes - Leopard
InAnniemate and REEanimate tfers that inanimate to objects and reanimate the objects into humans again or even anything inanimated

Retired OCs Of :iconregressedtobabyhood:
Stacy - Ubed and rebirthed to adam's Stephanie
Lacy - Turned into a Magical Diaper
Starla - fused to Krytalfuze permanently by accidental permanent fusion turning Krystalfuze to StarFuze

Stamps (Credit goes to artist when you click on them)

Comic Casts

furry and diapered :
Panel 1
Abby - Tasmainian Devil
Dawn - Otter
Tinadypes - Leopard (Baby)
Jennifer - Bat
Samantha - Koala

Panel 2
Kris-Christina- dealing with Tg ar symptoms now due to Ar labs - Pikachus
Krystalfuze - Lioness
Krystinastar- Rabbit
Kristy Fox- Fox, Dragon, reindeer, cat - Esperon
Nightshade-Nightdusk Cat
Hazeldawn and Eclipsydawn - Wolves

Panel 3 - next to be made
Krisandra - Skunk
Cassie - Squirrl
Utinah Kittentana - Dragon, cat
Autumn Breeze - Bear cub
Krista-Spike Mouse
Krissy - Tigress - Umbreon
Krissy (Kittentana)- Dragon
Ryuka- Dragon

The Doll House :
Princes Imbienna
Adam criele


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