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The Effect Of This Sites magic

:iconkando123: from Classicaloids Ep #4

:iconregressedtobabies: Nightshade Animated AR Tag

She got to Test my Regressive Crib for her birthday

:iconmentalcrash: Ar Pic of Mentalcrash aging back to a baby

:iconthe-tg-tfs-princess: Magic TG Ar diaper

:icondarkwarriorcursehero: AR and UB pregnacy Of RWBY

TG Effect done by Krystinastar with her Tg Breeze Fan

Fountain Of Youth (Princess Toadstool)

Shrinking is now an option in Reqwests


Apr 29, 2017
9:14 am
Apr 29, 2017
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Apr 29, 2017
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Apr 29, 2017
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Apr 29, 2017
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RegressedToBabyhood's Profile Picture
Kris-Christina And Friends
To continue from :iconjoenomrc: i guess 10 people that comment here will get noticed but they also have to do a Journal like this i guess the idea is 3

divenations But i'll do 6

1.:iconjoenomrc:My life in a Nutshell at this Moment by joenomrcJigglyJoe by joenomrcHats.jpg by joenomrcThe Girl Flu: The Youthing Strain by joenomrc Joenomrc Profile Tg OC by joenomrc Tg War Event: The Wolf of Tg StreetLocation: Forests in Germany
Joe's Attack On Wolf
Time: TBA
Date: TBA
    Joenomrc stood in the shadows, waiting patiently for his target. The tech genius never thought he'd have to attack one of his allies, but he didn't have a choice. The sword-wielding Wolf was his target. And Joe would not let him escape. Luckily, the man didn't expect his team leader to attack him. As Joe contemplated his strategy, he heard a crack of a twig being stepped on behind him. He turned around to see a familiar face.
    "Hello sir. Wolf, reporting. You wanted to meet in private." The man was dressed in his standard armor, his sword at his side.
    "Good to see you. Now, we've gotten information that everyone seems to be attacking random targets. Have you heard anything about this?"
    "Yeah. But I don't think it's random. I got a note sent to me with a name written on it. My guess is that we're expected to attack the person we were assigned."
    Joe b

Joenomrc seems to be a kisekaer like me but likes Pokemon Tfs Hats and TG even with a Unique sickness that turns boys or men into girls and women if you like TGs, Pokemon and TFs like this then he's right down your ally for great art plus he does Tg literature and 
is part of the TG War

hmmm ......63,000 huh i should do something cool for this get to this  i will turn 6 of my OCs into their pokemon form saying  Poké style by the PVs

also 63,000  I will Make a AR, TG and Shrinking Collabration mainly 3 effects for 3 frames Celebrating the Three Effects that got me this far also an animation to show it off

Something or someones Ared us and then shrunk us

Kris regresses out of clothes and lays on them by RegressedToBabyhoodNightshade regresses out of clothes and lays by RegressedToBabyhood
Kris completly shrunk out of clothes by RegressedToBabyhoodNightshade completly shrunk out of clothes by RegressedToBabyhood

Uh Kris disappeared someone took him by RegressedToBabyhoodOh Nightshade is missing too hmmm i wonder if by RegressedToBabyhood

  after this we vanished...........what was left in the shrinking picture were their clothes 

Stay tuned in this Exciting New Shrinking Comic "The Doll House" Starting May 1st it seems my bracelet got stuck in Christina mode during this event that Minascule was practing shrinking and it back fired bad one with her magic the other a potion luckly she had clothes mainly "doll size"for us to wear lucky for me I turned into christina at the right time. We find out the AR part in a bit that was probably the bracelets that do TG AR acting up that krystal will have to fix while small we will have adventures in the now big doll house they kept us in to keep us safe while minascule figures out how to make us Grow back up to our right sizes


This stars Krissy Christina and Nightshade

Since Krissy shrunk in the shrink lab

Furry and Diapered will start Thurs more panels before the story continues though it actually will pick up speed due to a new feature that allows mass Regression now.

I do shrinking out of clothes or with clothes to the size(Doll Style Clothing)you become now if interested something different

Krista's next test after high chair is 5 sub-tests on age with Diapered 3 TG AR 2 TG AP tests

Nightshade Kittentana And Kristy Fox have returned from their holiday TFs ready for their next adventures

Ben 10 revision 3 Had An AR/AP episode already called "growing pains"

BY a huge vote margin : Dr who Regenerations/Degenerations has won!!!!!

OC Shakeups:

Unbirth happens to Ivy, Calista Emily and Kristabelle due to a potion left out by tiffany by accident that looked like a refreshing fruit punch drink : Kristina, Hazel, Tiffany and Kristen become the mothers 

4 girls (Calista,Kristabelle,Emily and Ivy) developing into baby boys or girls and babyfurs of the mothers as well UBed into 4 other ladies (Hazel,Tiffany,Kristina, and Kristen) for 9 months

Autumn will change into a Spring like Girl being that she is seasonal during the aftermath of Ar Witch

Thanks for the 62,000 PVs - TG AR potion will be administered to all of my ocs they will have a boy-girl side or Girl-Boy side Bracelets also will be put on everyone to stablize desired age and gender til lab tests or things that would trip the TFs - If you see Girls -boys then Boys-Girls that means they took the potion

Poll Results for Labs both labs are coming together due to TG AR Potion aka Tg Energy Drink

now that the TG AR stabalizing bracelet is added we can continue the tests starting next week the shake ups have calmed


New Scientist taking over for Tiffany is Krystal after Her TG experience she wanted to give up being a bimbo to go the scientific way her hair and such should change soon and not be dyed.

AR and TG Labs are now together known as TG AR labs but bracelet allows them to control gender and age even if it' s taken off shortly for experiments just put back on after test done AP them instantly to full Age

TG AR : Test #1 Confirmed : Regressive Crib (Krista-Spike)(Taran-Tarina)

TG AR : Test #2 Confirmed : Regressive Foods in High Chair (Krista-Spike)(Taran-Tarina)

TG AR : Test #3 Manly Tg room FTM she goes back to Topher- (Topher-Cassie)(Kristy - Tristan)

TG AR: Test #4 TG Princesses(Topher-Cassie)(Kristy - Tristan)

TG AR: Test #5 Diapered 3 TG AR 2 TG AP (Krista-Spike)(Taran-Tarina)

TG AR Labs: Tests - Diapered : A Reqwest idea that uses a New Age controled Magic diaper that ages adult - Newborn more controlled on aging than the first one that was used. 

  TG AR Cribs

  TG AR Beds

  TG AR Foods with adjustable High chair

  TG AR Strollers

  TG AR foods

  TG AR Manly Room

  TG AR Girly room

  TG AR 59,000 Unlocked: TG soda

  TG AR makeup

  TG AR princesses

  TG AR clothes includes Swimwear and Sportswear

Due to a unique potion that is used here a bracelet is applied to control age and gender changes it's also for TG labs use too So they might have accidentally made a TG AR Potion that without bracelet causes age and gender to randomly change unless bracelet is put on a plus to this potion if pregnant boy form of girl can still carry baby

new labs : shrink ray , statue potion and magic Oversized clothing effects (all effects)

New Idea: Parallel World issues :

alternate frames see how some things i made could go even crazier

new babyhood clothes 

plus new clothing for everyone and remastered OC's 

Furried and Diapered starts Late April - All Babies are babyfurs they will be in it even if the ones i have in these columns change comic is different from side work

Furry and Diapered starts up soon final comic in the preschool to daycare series of comics

1st Panel and 2nd Panels are up for characters as their babyfur forms 3rd coming soon should have Nightshade and Kristy together.

New PC Coming REAL SOON!!!!!!!! 

LABs TG AR : 2 Boys 2 Girls will be Tested With Regressive and Tg items in Same lab

The Polls will Decide their tests about 20 Together. Watch for polls to pop up

TG AR Patients : Taran-Tarina Zhu ,Krista - Spike have agreed to take over due to the disaperances of Kris-Christina and Nightshade-Nightdusk

  Topher-Cassie and Kristy - Tristan

Crossovers: Blizzard vs Square Enix 

(Like overwatch vs wow or ffxiv )

TG AR - Goes both ways now MTF or FTM and Young or Old will return in pics soon with new hairstyles

new clothing and hairstyles unlocked

The Whole Page has Gone Animated!!!!!!

TG shadows - MTF & FTM & TG AR too 

TF Switcher Sequences : Nightshade






Alter Egos Expand over all the OCs - Opposite forms or Emotions of OCs

TF Switcher now has a Red Mage And Samurai Mode so yeah expect AR and AP of that soon (Red Mage Only) 

Nightshade Samurai gear outfit Design Depending on Age by The Switcher

Reqwestsmade by :iconregressedtobabyhood: 7 slots avail 9(total) I never Charge. Just for Fun!!!!

:icondiamondty: all my other effects are found in the reqwest window area - On Hold

:iconjamie260397: - Loud sisters throwing in lincoln and parent gender bents too Genderbent - this is next

:iconadamcrile80: - Ashlee from previous age to Kindergartener






Reqwests Begin Again this weekend into Monday Jamie260397 and adamcrile80 will be done soon

All Reqwestsers can find their stuff in the Reqwesters folder they will have tags on them on the for 

Huge Reqwests - is for big reqwests

other reqwests look in it's there for ya download them

In Bellies Developing new genders or traits UB - Potion Tracker

????? - Hazel's Belly Kristabelle has been reported she might have split into two Faternal twins possible

?????? - Kristina's belly it seems emily is in fact becoming a boy more to come

????? - Tifanny's belly Ivy got lucky staying girl but she will be a sloth when born as a babyfur

??????? - Kristens belly Calista However is going to change into a boy

Furry and Diapered Cast

Panel 1
Abby - Tasmainian Devil
Dawn - Otter
Tinadypes - Leopard (Baby)
Jennifer - Bat
Samantha - Koala

Panel 2
Stacy - sheep - Dedenne
Lacey - Panda - Z
Kris-Christina- dealing with Tg ar symptoms now due to Ar labs - Pikachus
Tiffany - sloth
Calista - Chiauaha
Hazel -Harold -Kangaroo

PAnel 3
Krystalfuze - Lioness
Krystinastar- Rabbit
Kristy Fox- Fox, Dragon, reindeer, cat - Esperon
Nightshade-Nightdusk Cat
Hazeldawn and Eclipsydawn - Wolves

Tomorrow working on:

Panel 4 - next to be made
Krisandra - Skunk
Krissy Kittentana - dragon
Ryuka Kittentana - dragon
Cassie - Squirrl
Utinah Kittentana - Dragon, cat

Panel 5
Autumn Breeze - Bear cub
Kristen - Hippo
Krista-Spike Mouse

Panel 6
Kristina - Raccoon - Purloin
Krissy - Tigress - Umbreon

OC Age states Fursonas and Pokemon TFs

Abby - Tasmainian Devil
Dawn - Otter
Tinadypes - Leopard (Baby)
Jennifer - Bat
Samantha - Koala
Stacy - sheep - Dedenne
Lacey - Panda - Z
Kris-Christina- dealing with Tg ar symptoms now due to Ar labs - Pikachus
Krystalfuze - Lioness
Krystinastar- Rabbit
Kristy Fox- Fox, Dragon, reindeer, cat - Esperon
Nightshade-Nightdusk Cat
Hazeldawn and Eclipsydawn - Wolves
Cassie - Squirrl
Autumn Breeze - Bear cub
Utinah Kittentana - Dragon, cat
Krista - Spike Mouse- Flareon
Topher - Cassie Squirrel
Taran-Tarina Zhu - Panda - not in Furry and Diapered
Jennifer - bat
Xeriscape and Shafel -Pandas -not in Furry and Diapered
Kristina - Raccoon - Purloin
Hazel - Harold - Kangaroo- Vesperon
Krystal -Spencer - Jolteon
Kristen - Hippo
Tiffany - Toff - Sloth
Kris-Christina - wolf - Pikachu AR LAb potion given to me after first AR gave a weird Sudden TG AR syndrome to me now i have sudden TG ar issues Tiffany says she might be able to let me control it soon even though she's on maternity leave due to lab accident a special braclet that let's me decide when i want to age or TG into Christina or Visa Versa
InAnniemate and REEanimate tfers that inanimate to objects and reanimate the objects into humans again or even anything inanimated
Starla- Bimbofier TFer

The doll house cast



Mitsy Winterbells - Winter Related effects (next Winter)

Profile Grouping any Tf any Oc you got Premanent Reqwest

The Switcher - All Effects including ABDL

Darkmoon Seesaw Elderly to kid ar timeline reqwest but can go even further if you want Takes 2 OCs to work - Reqwest

Age Shadows your adult self translucent but aged to kid teen toddler or baby

FoY Permanent now due to 57,000 PVs Mascot coming that bottles the water

Mascots Power TF :
Tinadypes - Age Control (Newborn - Elderly)
Minascule - Shrinking Powers
Krystalfuze : Fusion
Krystinastar: TG Breeze Fan Change Genders

Hairstyles: baldness can happen now which is hair retracting into head

Star Wars - All types

AP Teenager - Elderly
Male or Female Ars

Diapers have a tutorial on them in a pic

How to Make 4 Diff. Styles of Diapers (Tutorial) by RegressedToBabyhood

Baby Stuff Requests

Baggy or engulfed clothing Regressions even all the way to pregnancy of a OC where the lady is pregnant and no one is in the pile of clothes

Newborn Ars

Training pants
Footy pajamas

Pregnacy Reqwests

All TG Forms

to apply for request just note or comment on Journal with description i will respond

Machines is soon to be called the Effects room


Diaper TF

Stuffed animals or Humans dolls

Tg :

TG Clothes

Pokemon tfs human or furry to pokemon (About 801 Tf choices!!!!!)

AR Reqwests :

Bed that causes you to Regress on it baggy clothes optional

Cribs that Regress too


Babalities - All The Time

Animated IDs - All Effects (All Transparent) but can optionaly opt out and have a solid color

Non animated IDs -

Personalized Non -Animated or Animated Icon (Optional)

Regression Reqwest : Pregnancy now Ar goes back to the bellies!!!!!!!! the mother holds the blanket of who regressed back into her as an icon the Ar includes the vanish effect outcome of rebirth could mean gender change or hair or race and so on.

Stamps (Credit goes to artist when you click on them)


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Thanks to your fav the authorities were informed about a naked woman in The Shrink-Chamber.
The Shrink-Chamber by IncredibleCaptainAsh
This shrunken scientist is now safe and sound in the hands of her giant co-workers.
She will be in good care until a growth ray is invented.
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